Not Censure But Calculated Silence. A Letter From Argentina on the Pope and Abortion


… speaks tough words against abortion, but he does this so as to make no waves in the mainstream media

… deliberately posturing himself in accord with this silence

… he not speak them at a Sunday Angelus, or during a large public audience

… his noisy invectives in defense of nature or migrants

… prefers to tuck them away in private letters that are not even covered by “L’Osservatore Romano”

… the formidable public impact of the battle that pope fought in defense of unborn life

… called the whole world’s ambassadors to the Vatican to listen to him

… sent UN officials a memorandum with all of his objections

… Pope Francis prefers to accompany his covert condemnations of abortion with a cordial understanding with the magnates of “inclusive capitalism,” the same ones who finance abortion policies