… “when these confidentiality agreements are over you will learn what really happened in these negotiations.”

… a rare glimpse into the power one pharmaceutical corporation has gained

… waived sovereign immunity

… imposed no penalties on Pfizer for late deliveries

… to resolve disputes under a secret private arbitration

… is prohibited from making “any public announcement concerning the terms of  Agreement” … without the prior written consent of the company

… is restricted from accepting Pfizer vaccine donations from other countries or buying Pfizer vaccines from others without Pfizer’s permission

… “to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Pfizer” from and against any and all suits … to vaccine intellectual property

… does not guarantee that its product does not violate third-party IP

… the government “expressly and irrevocably waives any right of immunity which either it or its assets may have or acquire in the future”


              Report October 19, 2021