State of TEXAS, LAWSUIT against Pfizer: “In a nutshell, Pfizer DECEIVED the public”

… Contrary to Pfizer’s public statements, however, the pandemic did not end; it got worse

… More Americans died in 2021, with Pfizer’s vaccine available, than in 2020, the first year of the pandemic

… a greater percentage of the vaccinated were dying from COVID-19 than the unvaccinated

… Pfizer’s vaccine plainly was not “95% effective.”

… In a nutshell, Pfizer deceived the public

… 95% efficacy against infection was highly misleading from day one

… it represented a calculation of the so-called “relative risk reduction”

… FDA publications indicate “relative risk reduction” is a misleading statistic that “unduly influence[s]” consumer choice

… How did Pfizer respond when it became apparent that its vaccine was failing?

… By intimidating those spreading the truth, and by conspiring to censor the vaccine’s critics

… Pfizer labeled as “criminals” those who spread facts about the vaccine

… It accused them of spreading “misinformation.”

… it coerced social media platforms to silence prominent truth-tellers

… even went so far as to request that social media platforms silence a former FDA director because his comments could “driv[e] news coverage” critical of the vaccine

… In summary, Pfizer intentionally misrepresented the efficacy of its COVID-19 vaccine

… and censored persons who threatened to disseminate the truth

… the absolute risk reduction for defined COVID-19 cases was only 0.85%

… a vaccine’s absolute risk reduction is determined by subtracting the post- treatment risk rate from the baseline risk rate

… Using Pfizer’s Phase 2/3 data, this calculation is performed by subtracting the post-treatment risk rate of 0.04% (8/17,411 persons) found in the vaccine group

… from the baseline risk rate of 0.9% (162/17,511 persons) found in the placebo group

… which after rounding yields 0.85%

… Bourla … claiming that the vaccine prevented COVID-19 full stop and would end the global pandemic

… Pfizer’s misleading statements created the false impression that 95% of vaccine recipients would never obtain COVID-19, full stop

… February 2021 … Bourla responded that “at 6 months, the protection is robust.”

… At this time, however, Pfizer’s clinical trial data had not yet even collected six months of post- vaccination data for its participants

… Pfizer misrepresented that vaccination against COVID-19 prevented “transmission” between persons

… including from vaccinated persons with symptomatic or asymptomatic COVID-19 infections

… Pfizer misrepresented that its vaccine had substantial efficacy against COVID-19 variants—in particular, the Delta variant