The amount of COPPER is ‘IMPOSSIBLE to produce’

… Copper is fundamental to electricity generation, distribution and storage

… there are more than 709 copper mines in operation globally

The Michigan study has focused on the copper required just for the production of EVs

… an EV requires three to five times more copper than petrol or diesel cars

… not to mention the copper required for upgrades to the electricity grid

… “A normal Honda Accord needs about 40 pounds of copper”

… The same battery electric Honda Accord needs almost 200 pounds of copper,”

… “the amount of copper needed is essentially impossible for mining companies to produce.”

… examined 120 years of global data from copper production dating back to 1900

… modelled how much copper is likely to be produced for the rest of the century

… how much copper the US electricity infrastructure and fleet of cars would need to upgrade to renewable energy

… Between 2018 and 2050, the world will need to mine 115% more copper

than has been mined in all of human history up until 2018

… just to meet current copper needs without considering the green energy transition

… as many as six new large copper mines must be brought online annually over the next several decades

… Apart from EVs, copper is, of course, vital in other sectors

… building infrastructure in the developing world

… one billion people who don’t yet have access to electricity

… “We are hoping this study gets picked up by policymakers who should consider copper as the limiting factor for the energy transition”


                    The Michigan study – IEF