The COVID-19 fear factor won’t work forever

… Israel’s prime minister has issued dire warnings about the “fifth wave” of COVID-19 that he says has begun

… appears to increasingly be using fear as a stick

… During the pandemic, the public has often been left in the dark

… been told, especially by American media, to follow “science”

… those who are hesitant or question the policies are mocked for “doing their own research

… millions nevertheless still remain in the category of unvaccinated or partially vaccinated

… There is a sense that governments like Israel and the US … prefer ham-handed fear mongering

… Is it “science” that guides the green pass model?

… theory that says people want the “reward” of going to the gym and shopping?

… If the unvaccinated were the ones risking everything, then why are the vaccinated in such need of being protected from them via a green pass

… a significant percentage of society already had Covid and survived

… they are at risk – whether they took vaccines but now need boosters, or didn’t take vaccines at all

… the public will start to be skeptical

…  Fearmongering won’t work forever