“There’s NOTHING that can HELP Ukraine now”

… a massive resupply may not be enough

… everything now depends on where Russia will decide to target its strength

… according to high-ranking Ukrainian military officers … the military picture is grim

… said there’s a great risk of the front lines collapsing wherever Russian generals decide to focus their offensive

… They spoke on the condition of anonymity to speak freely

… “There’s nothing that can help Ukraine now”

… “there are no serious technologies”

… “for the large mass of troops Russia is likely to hurl at us”

… “We don’t have those technologies, and the West doesn’t have them as well in sufficient numbers”

… reminded that relying on Russian errors is not a strategy

… “Zaluzhny used to call it ‘the War of One Chance,’”

… “he meant weapons systems become redundant very quickly”

… “because they’re quickly countered by the Russians”

… “we used Storm Shadow and SCALP cruise missiles … successfully”

… “but just for a short time”

… “The Russians are always studying. They don’t give us a second chance. And they’re successful in this”

… “Don’t believe the hype about them just throwing troops into the meat grinder to be slaughtered”

… “we started to notice missiles being fired by the Russians from Dzhankoy in northern Crimea”

… “but without the explosive warheads”

… “We couldn’t understand what they were doing”

… “then we figured it out: They’re range-finding”

… where best to deploy its S-400 missile and radar systems in order to maximize the area they can cover to target the F-16s

… keeping them away from the front lines and Russia’s logistical hubs

… The country currently doesn’t have enough men on the front lines

… authorities are worried about the political fallout mobilization measures might bring amid draft-dodging

… “We don’t only have a military crisis, we have a political one”

… “Russia is now gathering resources and will be ready to launch a big attack around August, and maybe sooner”