Tucker Carlson’s NEXT Move? Becoming a CATHOLIC?

… his show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, became the most-watched cable news show

… noted that he had become so distraught over the rapidly deteriorating ideological state of America

…  and the unraveling of its moral fabric

… that he sometimes forgot to pray for the nation

… urging everyone to take even just ten minutes a day to pray for America

… According to Carlson, we no longer live in the age of “rational debate,”

… when society was comprised of two groups with largely the same goal but different ideas of how to achieve it

… we now live in the midst of a cosmic struggle between objective good and objective evil

… “If you have people who are saying, ‘I have an idea, let’s castrate the next generation”

… “Let’s sexually mutilate children.’ ”

… “I’m sorry, that’s not a political debate.”

… Carlson says, are “irrational,” that is, they contradict God-given reason and order

… “If you’re saying that abortion is a positive good … what are you saying? Well, you’re arguing for child sacrifice”

… “When the Treasury Secretary stands up and says, ‘You know what you can do to help the economy? Get an abortion,’ ”

… “well that’s like an Aztec principle actually.”    [ For example here and here ]

…  “What’s the point of child sacrifice? … that’s a theological phenomenon.”

… “I’m an Episcopalian … I grew up in the shallowest faith tradition that’s ever been invented”

… “It’s not even a Christian religion at this point, I say with shame.”

… Carlson’s friend and fan Eva Vlaardingerbroek, a Dutch reporter and cultural critic, converted to Catholicism on Sunday

… what drew her to the Church, responded, “[W]e aren’t just fighting a political fight (right vs. left), but…we are dealing with a spiritual fight (good vs. evil).”