… no more lifestyle advice and suggestions, but become legal obligations

… a health right has become an obligation to be fulfilled at any price

… transforming the whole of existence into a health obligation

… human existence has been reduced to a biological fact, to a naked life

… Faced with a non-truth imposed by law, we can and must testify of the truth

… In a world where only news exists, only the dominant news is true

… We have reached the point where the doctor does not visit positive patients

… Health in this sense is nothing other than a secularization of that “eternal life” that the Christians hoped to obtain through their cultural practices

… While the animal adapts its bodily functions to natural conditions, man deactivates them, entrusting them to artificial instruments

… ready to unscrupulously sacrifice ethics for the interests of science

… to never sacrifice an ethical principle to his own will to know

… We can only, in an unjust and false society, attest to the presence of the right and the true. We can only, in the middle of hell, testify of heaven