“AUTISM-LIKE behaviors, reduced NEURONAL counts and impaired MOTOR performance” in rats

… potential neurodevelopmental implications

… especially in susceptible groups such as pregnant women and their offspring

… Pregnant rats received the COVID-19 mRNA BNT162b2 vaccine during gestation

… evaluations on offspring included autism-like behaviors, neuronal counts, and motor performance

… findings reveal that the mRNA BNT162b2 vaccine significantly alters WNT gene expression and BDNF levels

… suggesting a profound impact on key neurodevelopmental pathways

… male rats exhibited pronounced autism-like behaviors

… a substantial decrease in neuronal counts in critical brain regions

… potential neurodegeneration or altered neurodevelopment

… Male rats also demonstrated impaired motor performance

… evidenced by reduced coordination and agility

… A comprehensive understanding of the risks and rewards of COVID-19 vaccination, especially during pregnancy, remains essential