British CHILDREN commit 18 rapes a DAY

… more than 6,800 rapes committed by youngsters aged ten to 17 in a year

… In excess of half of all child sexual offences are now committed by other youngsters

… exual violence has become ‘normalised behaviour’ for some schoolchildren

… after years of watching hardcore pornography on their phones

… 52 per cent of a total of 106,984 child sexual abuse offences reported … were carried out by fellow youngsters

… a 400 per cent rise from 2013

… the increasing availability of smartphones has led to younger children carrying out serious offences

… “can carry out that behaviour that they are seeing online in the most violent way against other peers as well”

… “The impact of the next generation can’t be understated”

… “some children being exposed to pornography at nine years old”

… 97 per cent of children aged 12 to 15 own a smartphone

… 83 per cent of children aged five to seven use a tablet

… the report identified groups of girls under the age of 18 taking part in sexual communication and indecent images of children offences