The Lancet published an analysis on the efficacy of the Covid injections

… the Covid injections are NOT “95% efficacious”

… difference between relative risk reduction and absolute risk reduction

… From the “absolute risk reduction” you can calculate the “Number Needed to Vaccinate”

… according to The Lancet, data from the Pfizer rollout in Israel suggests an NNV of 217!

… significant obfuscation with trial data

… were fallaciously labelled as side effects

… an efficacious intervention may not be safe if the risk of harm is high

… VAERS reporting system in the USA … greater than the previous 21 years of deaths from all other vaccines combined

… mild “cases” which are being “prevented” are determined by the unvalidated PCR assays

… Would you feel comfortable suited up with a parachute that worked about 1% of the time?  Would you then say that it is 95% effective because that particular parachute worked 95% better than the competition?

… might be more accurately classified as a poison

… May Justice prevail and these crimes against humanity be brought to account



          The Lancet


          Unvalidated PCR assays