“DEADS DUE TO lockdown are 100 TIMES the deaths due to Covid AVOIDED by the lockdown”


… the unprecedented use of lockdowns, school closings and other sweeping measures

… None of those policies were successful, and many were gravely damaging

… Lockdowns in the U.S. prevented between 4,000 and 16,000 Covid deaths

… In an average year 37,000 Americans die from the flu, according to the CDC

… Before 2020, it was recognized that communities respond best to pandemics when government measures are only minimally disruptive

… junked that practice by greenlighting restrictive practices and intentionally stoking fear

… overlaid enormous economic, social, educational and health harms on top of those caused by the virus

… Non-Covid excess deaths

… from lockdowns, the shutdown of non-Covid medical care, and societal panic

… nearly 100,000 between April 2020 and at least the end of 2021

… as much as 100 times the number of Covid deaths the lockdowns prevented

… The best measure of health performance during the pandemic is all-cause excess mortality

… On this measure Sweden … outperformed nearly every country in the world

… the U.S. “would have had 1.60 million fewer deaths if it had the performance of Sweden”    [ PNAS ]

… In America, states that imposed prolonged lockdowns had no better health outcomes

… measured by all-cause excess mortality

than those that stayed open

… generated a fear of entering medical facilities

… encouraging the false belief that hospitals were too busy to treat people who needed care

… 2020, nearly half of the nation’s some 650,000 chemotherapy patients didn’t get treatment

… 85% of living organ transplants weren’t completed

… 35.6% fewer calls for cardiac emergencies after March 10, 2020, compared with the year prior

… as many as 49 million Americans were out of work in May 2020

… the lockdown unemployment shock is projected to result in 840,000 to 1.22 million excess deaths

over the next 15 to 20 years

… Perhaps the worst policy error was prolonged school closings

… is already showing up in reduced standardized test scores

… will affect earnings for decades

… school closings had no offsetting public-health benefits

… isolation led to massive increases in psychiatric illness

… selfharm

… obesity and substance abuse

… Healthy children were always at vanishingly small risk from Covid

… and nearly all of them were infected at some point anyway, according to CDC data

… Americans have lost faith in public-health institutions

… Congress and the states should rewrite their statutes regarding public-health emergencies

… They should publish transcripts of their formal discussions on digital forums for public consumption

… The U.S. should halt all binding agreements with the WHO

… these institutions must acknowledge that lockdowns, school closings and mandates were egregious errors that won’t be repeated

… Until they do, the American people should continue to withhold their trust