Faithful obliged not to follow Pope’s opinion on gay civil unions


… Francis’s words are devoid of truth and, therefore, false. His pronouncement does not require believers

… even if this pope does not say so, because every other pope before him has said so

… What more can be said when faced with a debacle of this high degree?

… we cannot delve into the mystery of why the pope said such things

… This is a natural and divine law and no one can change it, not even a pope

… I say I will not and, in so doing, reject his very authority

… the natural and social order are no longer have absolute, but conventional ends, depending on life’s changing circumstances

… The idea of civil law-backed unions mentioned by the pope is radical and anarchical. It is neither a Christian

… it is not possible to legally protect homosexual relationships, but it is possible to protect individuals who, as such, are already protected by the legal system as persons

… Pope Francis in one short statement denies tradition, rejects natural right reason, undermines the Church, and dissolves the basis of human society