Feb. 4, 2020. DOD: ‘National SECURITY THREAT’

… A leaked recording obtained by investigator and writer Sasha Latypova

… an executive at the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca stating

… “It wasn’t a surprise to me when I got a call on February 4th [ 2020 ] from the Defense Department”

… “saying that the newly discovered Sars-2 virus posed a national security threat.”

… is an astonishing … revelation

Here’s what was happening on Feb. 4, 2020

in the US:

According to CNN, on Feb. 4 there were 11 “confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus”

zero reported deaths from the virus

the New York Times had two headlines about the virus focused on China and travelers from Wuhan

There were no op-eds on the virus

Virus Activity Internationally:

Approximately 490 reported deaths

The disease caused by the virus had not even been named “COVID-19” yet

WHO said the outbreak “was not yet a pandemic.”

… FDA and … HHS declared the first emergency basis

… issuance of Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for COVID on Feb. 4 [ 2020 ]

… EUA powers were granted to the FDA to … immediate emergencies involving weapons of mass destruction

… to allow the use of countermeasures against biological, chemical, nuclear, or radiological (CBRN) agents

… without going through all the usual steps of ensuring safety and efficacy

… If the Department of Defense was telling pharmaceutical executives that the “novel coronavirus” was “a national security threat” on February 4, 2020

… when it had killed no one and infected 11 people in the country

… there must have been a reason other than public health

… If … emergency declarations reserved for dire situations involving attacks with CBRN agents were issued on that same day

… there must have been a reason other than public health

… If the heads of the U.S. public health agencies, including Anthony Fauci (NIAID) and Francis Collins (NIH), were spending a large portion of their time

… trying to come up with ways to claim the virus was not manufactured in a bioweapons lab

… there must have been a reason other than public health

… The reason is becoming increasingly undeniable: The COVID crisis was a military/national security operation, not a public health event


            Leaked recording – Sasha Latypova