… by growing muscle cells and animal fat inside rice grains

… “Imagine getting all the nutrients we need from protein rice grown in cells,”

… “the addition of cells from livestock can further increase it,”

… The group of scientists first coated rice with fish gelatin

… muscle and cow fat stem cells were then sown in the rice

… left in culture in the Petri dish for about 9-11 days

… The final product harvested is a cell-grown beef rice

… has 8% more protein and 7% more fat 

… Hybrid rice with a higher muscle content had beef- and almond-smelling compounds

… those with a higher fat content had compounds corresponding to cream, butter and coconut oil

… has a carbon footprint significantly less

… marketed … could cost about $2.23 per kilogram, while beef costs $14.88

… the team intends to create better conditions in the rice grain for the growth of muscle and fat cells, so as to further increase the nutritional value

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                    AGI – Agenzia Giornalistica Italia


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