Euthanasia, the Holy See makes matters clear. At last


… published the letter Samaritanus bonusabout caring for people in critical and terminal phases of life

… “an increasingly permissive international civil law context regarding euthanasia, assisted suicide and end-of-life provisions”

… “the death of another innocent human being. […] Euthanasia, therefore, is an intrinsically evil act, in any situation or circumstance”

… “euthanasia is an act of homicide that no end can justify and that does not tolerate any form of complicity or active or passive collaboration”

… “is gravely unjust to enact laws that legalize euthanasia or justify and support suicide”

… “It is not lawful to suspend treatments that are required to maintain essential physiological functions, as long as the body can benefit from them”

… “When the provision of nutrition and hydration no longer benefits the patient, because the patients organism either cannot absorb them or cannot metabolize them, their administration should be suspended”

… “can reduce to a purely technical and impersonal relationship the bond of trust between physician and patient”

… “has decided upon a gravely immoral act and willingly persists in this decision. Such a state involves a manifest absence of the proper disposition for the reception of the Sacraments of Penance, with absolution, and Anointing, with Viaticum”

… “remaining present at the moment of its realization. Such presence can only be interpreted as complicity”



                Samaritanus bonus


              Veritatis splendor