In letter to UN, US ‘categorically rejects’ right to abortion


… “As United Nations human rights mandate holders, you are undoubtedly aware that international human rights law does not recognize any ‘right to abortion”

… “The United States is disappointed by and categorically rejects this transparent attempt to take advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to assert the existence of such a right

… This is a perversion of the human rights system and the founding principles of the United Nations”

… “health care is provided with full respect to national laws. It does not promote, much less impose, abortion on anyone, nor is it intended to do so”

… “rather than focusing your energies on areas where your attention is most appropriate and warranted”

… “actual human rights abuses” occurring in the Chinese province of Xinjiang

… “we see violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms on a massive scale that generate little or no comment by these same guardians”



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