Israel: UNVACCINATED tourists allowed from March 1. STOP antigen tests for school-aged children

… a negative PCR test before takeoff and after landing

… end of isolation policies for unvaccinated Israelis entering the country

… Israelis entering the country will no longer be required to perform an antigen or PCR test ahead of boarding a flight

… will instead only be required to take a PCR test upon arrival

… on February 24, children in middle school will no longer be required to perform twice-weekly antigen tests

… from March 10, the requirement will be abolished for elementary school

… “a constant decline in the morbidity data, so it is time to gradually open up”

… “In order to maintain to public’s trust and ensure that the citizens of Israel follow the guidelines and the decisions that the government makes, it is necessary to open up when the situation improves – and it has improved significantly