“They are DANGEROUS opponents who have NO moral SCRUPLES”

… does not yield a single inch of its independence

… here there is the rule of law, and everyone can organize the kind of conference they want

… I could not – even if I wanted to – tell a Hungarian court what it should do

… The world order is changing

… they are determined to do everything necessary, they will stop at nothing

… They are dangerous opponents who have no moral scruples

… In the past the communists employed a five-step procedure to subjugate us by stealth

… Now the progressives are emulating them

… The first step … to take a norm and give it the precisely opposite meaning

… “Peace facility”: this is the name of the Brussels financial fund from which they send the most destructive weapons to the front

… “Migration is a resource”, they say, while crime rises

… The second step is to use the instruments of the state to start spreading this inverted normality

… Anyone who thinks otherwise is either ignorant or insane

… The perception must be created that listening to them would lead to some fatal catastrophe

… the third step … you hold dangerous views, you are also a security risk

… you are a radical whose freedom of speech they need not hesitate to restrict

fourth step, they incite the liberal press to attack you

… fake depictions of you on the internet

… denunciation on social media

… a horde of civil society entities bombarding the courts and state bodies with accusations against you

fifth step is for state bodies … they are obliged to investigate you

… they indict you, and in the end state bodies are used to silence you

… it happened in Finland, when they wanted to prosecute a politician and a bishop for quoting Scripture

… The progressive liberal world spirit has failed utterly

… It has brought wars, chaos and unrest, economic collapse

… impoverishment of families, deteriorating public safety

… They divided the world into democracies and autocracies

… they made war, they exported democracy

… They say that there must be a hegemon, an ideological ascendancy, under whom and under which everyone must fall in line

… that we will no longer be told what is right

… by NGOs of all kinds, big business, media giants

… dubious experts and academic windbags

… the sovereigntist world spirit replacing the Soros-style “open society” with a “protected society”

… in which the state protects its citizens

… in which migration is not organized, but borders are defended

… in which founding a family is highly prized, and the family is protected

… liberal hegemony has made the world a worse place

… has created war where there could have been peace

… has brought chaos where there was order

… has tried to break up our countries and our families

… to wipe our nations off the face of the earth