Letter on Consecrated Life, as ideological as Fratelli Tutti

… the total detachment of its authors have from the intimate reality of virginal and religious consecration

… the corrupt (and anti-Christian)  ideology of a horizontal brotherhood

… to bring about a rebirth in everyone “a universal aspiration to fraternity”

… «We ask all of you to place this Encyclical at the centre of your life, formation and mission»

… Consecrated life is clearly no longer interested in seeking the “monochrome” face of God in Jesus Christ

… This is far removed from any ordinary beauty of the world and its various manifestations!

… The same flesh and the same earth have become the new foundation of a “humanitarian religion”, as each remains true to his own beliefs and convictions



                  Letter to all consecrated persons


            Fratelli tutti


            Laudato si’


          Vita consecrata