New Zealand Government CONFIRMS: HAS BACKDOOR ACCESS TO Facebook TAKEDOWN Portal. OTHER Governments?

… is the same portal used by the US government

… to directly access and flag content on Facebook or Instagram

… and then request that it be throttled or suppressed

… deep collusion between the US government and social media companies

… specifically Twitter but also YouTube and Google

… During a second lawsuit in May 2021, Dr. Shiva discovered that the Twitter backdoor portal

… had originally been developed so the UK government could use it to censor UK citizens

… He also discovered the Playbooks … and the entire details of the technology architecture

… between the US government and Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to censor citizens anywhere in the world

… in October 2022, that Facebook had a portal so US government officials could easily identify the content they deem objectionable

… On the 2 November, Mark Wong submitted an OIA request [ in New Zealand ]:

Has the government, any division of the government, any member of the government, or any organisation acting on behalf of the government, ever had partner access to Facebook’s takedown portal previously found at

… On 1 December, a Director of Digital Safety at the Department of Internal Affairs responded to the OIA:

— Yes, the Department of Internal Affairs has access to Facebook’s takedown portal    [ Response email to the OIA ]

… Wong has not left matters there.  He immediately requested:

Please provide the guidelines for flagging/censoring/downranking content posted by New Zealanders, people residing in New Zealand, and media with content relating to New Zealand & New Zealanders

Please provide the number of Facebook posts your department has accessed through the portal, or at least an indication of the scope of interference

… You can follow the progress of this OIA on HERE


            Response email to the OIA