“PREVENTION of COVID-19 infection”. “LOWER incidence of SERIOUS complications and REDUCED requirement for intensive care”

… A comprehensive search on the … databases was performed on 15 May 2023

… two of the authors independently screened the literature

… findings indicate that vitamin D supplementation has a protective effect against the incidence of COVID-19

… and in ICU admission

… The population comprised patients or healthcare workers supplemented with vitamin D before COVID-19 infection

… meta-analysis of 19 studies … encompassing a total of 1,262,235 participants

… An interesting finding that emerges from this study … the protective role of vitamin D even in middle-aged people

… much of the evidence available in the scientific literature stems from patients who received vitamin D after being diagnosed with COVID-19

… is the first meta-analysis conducted exclusively on studies that considered preventive vitamin D supplementation

… people not affected by COVID-19 infection

… Our meta-analysis suggests a definitive and significant association between the protective role of vitamin D and COVID-19 incidence and ICU admission