Rabbinical court: Absolutely forbidden to give COVID shots to kids, young men and women

… “it is absolutely forbidden to administer or even to promote”

The ruling … after listening to “eight hours” of extensive “testimonies from experts”

… “this injection is harmful to procreation and fertility.”

… “governmental agencies” that have “denied” the “tested and simple medications”

… the same agencies for promoting “fear, not health”

… to  intentionally practice “sterilization or preventing fertility.”

… “it is forbidden for them to take this injection.”

… “all healthy adults who are of child-bearing age” to “stay away” from injection

… “further clarification is needed” for administering the jab to the elderly

… “much of the data the government agencies report is deceitful

… if it happened within fourteen days of receiving the injection, is listed as an “unvaccinated” death.”

… “verbal encouragement,” “bribes” and “verbal pressure” as examples of transgressing biblical morality


            The ruling