UK_ rise in Covid-19 deaths _ summer _75% adults vaccinated _isn’t the unvaccinated that are dying

… over 39 million have been fully vaccinated as of the 10th August 2021

… more people are dying with Covid-19 now than people who were dying at the same time last year

… 146 alleged Covid-19 deaths, with the 7-day average being 88.9 deaths per day

… 18 alleged Covid-19 deaths on the 10th August 2020, with the 7-day average being 12.7 deaths per day

… people that have not been vaccinated, but official Public Health England data shows that they are lying to you

… The death rate for fully vaccinated individuals is 0.85 percent

… the unvaccinated death rate of 0.16 percent

… 402 deaths were reported among the fully vaccinated individuals

… 253 deaths in the unvaccinated

… fully vaccinated people, 2.88 percent (1,355 people) ended up in a hospital

… unvaccinated people, only 1.95 percent (2,960 people) were hospitalised

… Could it be that the Covid-19 vaccine is actually to blame?


                       Public Health England – 6 August 2021