South Carolina governor signs order: resist Biden’s vaccine mandate

… “directs every agency in state government to immediately notify the Office of the Governor and the Office of the South Carolina Attorney General

… receiving any communication or directives from the Biden Administration concerning COVID-19 vaccination requirements,”

… challenge in court the White House’s vaccine mandates on federal contractors and private employers

… “choose between a vaccine and their jobs … I have never seen a president go out of bounds, out of bounds of the law as this one.” 

… “I prohibit … provide, as a condition of employment, obtaining any government service … or entering other location, any certification or documentation regarding the vaccination status” [ Executive Order 2021-38, Section 2A ]

… “I prohibit … from compelling or attempting to compel … any individual to receive any COVID-19 vaccine … where such individual objects to receiving a COVID-19 vaccine … due to or on account of any sincerely held religious belief or medical objection” [ Executive Order 2021-38, Section 2B ]

… “I prohibit … from imposing or attempting to impose … a penalty on any individual, business, or entity for failure to comply with any current or future COVID-19 vaccine mandate … that has or would have the purpose or effect of compelling an individual to receive a COVID-19 vaccine or compelling a business or entity to require that one or more of its employees receive a COVID-19 vaccine” [ Executive Order 2021-38, Section 2C ]


                Executive Order 2021-38