The Green Madness tries to destroy the Netherlands


… are based on a system that exploits the environment and puts the land at risk. According to green socialism

… “calm the fury of nature”

… we must reduce the number of cattle

… Natura 2000 it is the largest coordinated network of protected areas in the world

… are forcing farmers to drastically cut production

… We are now the second biggest exporter of agricultural goods in Europe

… International biased measures are interfering with our sovereignty, economy, and private property

… should he not prove sufficiently that his activity will not affect the small portion of swamp

… a policy of gradually getting rid of natural gas for heating

… the average Dutch family will have to spend from 25 to 40 thousand euros just to change the system

… the family will still own the house, but no longer the land on which it is built

… want to destroy what remains in Europe of social and economic order, replacing it by a semi-hippie-like green society, without religion, with sub-production and no morals rather than the environmental agreements