Ukraine’s premier military education institution has been home to CENTURIA

… stated goals of reshaping the country’s military … defending the “cultural and ethnic identity”

… led by individuals with ties to far-right Azov movement

… now serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine

… has been able to proselytize Ukraine’s future military elite inside the National Army Academy (NAA)

… attended an 11-month Officer Training Course at the United Kingdom’s Royal Military Academy Sandhurst


… attended the 30th International Week held by the German Army Officers’ Academy

… had access to American military trainers, as well as American and French cadets.

… its members serve as officers in several units of Ukraine’s military

… its members lectured in the Azov Regiment of the National Guard

… the US and Western governments have not called on the government of Ukraine to sever ties with the Azov movement

… that far-right organization remains integrated into the government of Ukraine via the Azov Regiment