Uterus Transplantation and the redefinition of core bioethics precepts

… The first uterus transplantation (UTx) to be successfully carried out in Italy occurred

… the set of moral and ethical precepts which we espouse could soon become obsolete

… not life-saving but, as far as transgender women are concerned, life-enhancing

… a transplanted, functioning uterus and vagina would benefit their sex life and perceived sense of femininity

… biological women … they would choose uterus transplant over surrogacy and adoption

… transgender women … the achievement of reproductive aspirations, benefit quality of life overall, and be effective in allaying dysphoric symptoms

… would there be any morally tenable grounds as to why transgender women should be denied such an opportunity for gestation?

… through genome editing could soon pave the way for the eradication of diseases before birth

… even the enhancement of humans yet to be born

… procreative liberty ought to be deemed as entailing an absolute right to gestate

… whether transgender women can be denied such a right without infringing upon ethical precepts of equality and non-discrimination

… bioethics approaches need to undergo a radical update if we are to successfully meet the challenges posed by fast-growing scientific advances