“When YOU PROMOTE homosexuality, Holy Father, you HURT me and my parish”

“Some of our parish fathers, holding the greatest work a man can do: begetting and raising children”

… you said that “everyone needs to express themselves freely.”

… the following words freely, not from Rome, but from the peripheries, from a simple parish priest

… My Papa Francesco, I must tell you that you are making my job as a parish priest difficult

… In my city, the faith is openly mocked and attacked

… My parishioners cannot wear a cross or speak the name of Jesus at work for fear of losing their jobs

… Our schools teach their children from kindergarten to doubt the natural goodness of their bodies

… to despise marriage and family life

… When you promote homosexuality, Holy Father, you hurt me and my parish

… When you do not speak clearly, you make my priestly task very difficult

… You have said that two men cannot “marry,” and that homosexual acts are wrong

… but you also encourage bishops who bless same-sex unions

… A female student from my parish, who attends a Jesuit-owned university, “married” another woman

… She says you permit blessings for homosexual unions in Germany

… that you favor priests and cardinals who promote homosexual relations

… She knows that you have appointed a European cardinal who promotes homosexual unions to lead the Synod

… We need you to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ clearly

… We need you to teach the simple truth of the first book of the Bible

… that God made us male and female

… for this reason “a man clings to his wife, and the two become one flesh.”

… If you do not teach this clearly, we parish priests cannot evangelize our people well, and all the people suffer