Britain’s first birth control clinic, 100 years of eugenics and racism

… One hundred years ago on March 17, 1921, Britains first family planning clinic was opened

… create a superior race through selective breeding

… the most prolific and this implied a “national deterioration” of the race

… by eliminating the poor, sick and disabled

… was considered a respectable science by the elite

… “a national and race danger which it is impossible to exaggerate” [ W. Churchill ]

… were clustered in poor and disadvantaged areas of London

… supplied contraceptive devices free of charge to poor and working-class women

… laws to have them compulsorily sterilised

… proudly boasts 31 million abortions to date

… developed into an authoritarian control  over the world’s poorest citizens [ BBC ]

… replaced it with medical terminology or popular slogans like “choice” and “freedom”

… It’s a serious mistake, critics say, that contemporary thought relegates eugenics comfortably to the past, when the values underpinning it are alive



                  W. Churchill 


                  BMJ  1912