… But, what does the Code of Canon Law say about this?

… “and others who obstinately persist in manifest grave sin, are not to be admitted to Holy Communion”

… “Accomplices who are not named in a law or precept incur a latae sententiae penalty attached to a delict if without their assistance the delict would not have been committed […]”

… the funding is a condicio sine qua non for causing some women to have abortions

… His words could be that incentive, necessary even if not sufficient, to motivate some woman – one is enough – to resort to abortion

… Advising abortion is also a grave sin

… to forbid him to receive Communion precisely because his public support for abortion makes him rightfully

… it is sufficient for refusing Communion that the sin is grave and manifest, it does not matter whether the politician is aware of this gravity or has freely chosen to support abortion

… Nor is the minister of Holy Communion judging the subjective guilt of the person, but rather is reacting to the public unworthiness of the person

… must be refused to the pro-abortion politician both because he is excommunicated … and because he is persisting in a grave and manifest sin



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