Google’s AI DISASTER Continues with INSANE Text Responses

… asked by the Post to create an image of a pope

… Gemini generated photos of a Southeast Asian woman and a black man dressed in papal vestments

… despite the fact that all 266 popes in history have been white men

… request for depictions of the Founding Fathers signing the Constitution in 1789

… resulted in images of racial minorities partaking in the historic event

… the edited photos were meant to “provide a more accurate and inclusive representation of the historical context.”

… it’s not just the AI image generator that appears to be acting in a completely bizarre manner

… one user asked the AI to give him an argument for having a family of four children

… AI said it was unable to do so but was happy to provide an argument in favor of not having any

… It seems the AI’s text responses are in line with radical leftist politics as its image generation

… the AI refused to provide a recipe for foie gras due to “ethical issues,”

… refused to condemn cannibalism, saying that it was “a complex issue with many different perspectives.”

… Jack Krawczyk, the product lead on Google Gemini

… his anger against “white privilege”

… “This is America where racism is the #1 value our populace seeks to uphold”