New complaints: “NO studies proving that Gardasil PREVENTS cancer”

… two more lawsuits against its Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine Gardasil

… death of two children

… “contend the HPV vaccine caused serious autoimmune and neurological dysfunction”

… “ultimately resulting in the deaths of their daughters”

… the Gardasil multidistrict litigation in which more than 150 similar cases are pending

… “the company has exaggerated the benefits of Gardasil as cancer preventative”

… “ignored the risks, including death”

… Isabella visited multiple specialists and was subjected to several tests and treatments, she passed away on Nov. 5, 2022

… diagnosed as having died from acute encephalitis caused by an autoimmune dysregulation process

… Before receiving Gardasil, Isabella had no autoimmune disease

… Following her Gardasil vaccinations … Sydney was consigned to a wheelchair

… requiring 24/7 full-time care due to her immobility

… diagnosed with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, Tourette syndrome, and functional neurological disorder

… died from a pulmonary embolism

… Merck has engaged in a “relentless propaganda campaign”

… intended to guilt and frighten parents into vaccinating their children

… “no studies proving that Gardasil prevents cancer”

… “it can take decades for a persistent HPV infection to proceed to development of cervical or anal cancer”

… “cervical and anal cancers are so rare”

… “a true efficacy study would require decades”

… “and likely hundreds of thousand, if not millions, of trial participants”

… “to demonstrate that eliminating certain HPV infections would actually prevent the development of cervical and anal cancer”


        Kristine Zuggi complaint vs MSD (Merck Sharp & Dohme)