… if the government did what it has done every time we were confronted with a deadly virus, such as the Spanish flu or polio?

… Instead of locking down our schools, churches, and businesses, the government could have simply informed citizens of the risks

… urged people to be extra careful about hygiene, stay out of crowded places, and protect the vulnerable

… there was one country that mostly rejected lockdowns and let life go on as normal as possible under dire circumstances

… was Sweden

… The hero of this story is Anders Tegnell, Sweden’s chief epidemiologist

… The international media pilloried him for not following “the science.”

… the Swedes failed to protect elderly nursing home residents adequately

… But Tegnell argued that the collateral damage of lockdowns would outweigh what good they do on a societywide basis

… He was proven right

… Two years later, Sweden’s COVID-19 death rate is 1,614 per million people — much lower than Britain (2,335) or the U.S. (2,836)

… the Swedes saved their economy

… This year, it’s projected to be 5% larger than before the pandemic

… So it will not have to spend decades paying for the costs of lockdowns.

… Swedish schools stayed open with no face masks. Test scores are up, and there is no talk in Sweden about “lost” years of education

… We’re the land of the free, not Sweden

… with its more socialist economy and collectivist mindset

… We have more solid constitutional protections to guarantee citizen rights

… deadly decisions to shut down the engines of our economy and lock people in their homes

… irreparable harm that will be felt for many years to come. Those who supported this great mistake need to be held accountable