Semeraro & Co. The gay lobby in pursuit of power at St. Peter’s


… Their silence was complicit with that of the pope’s own spokesman, who said nothing to deny the civil-union interpretation

… Reconstructing the pope’s prior position on this issue was of no help either (which today the Argentinean Bishop Aguer confirmed

… Pope Francis, while utterly disregarding the huge fuss this has made has decided to go right ahead

… are clearly not only in favour of legally recognising homosexual civil unions, but the normalisation of homosexuality altogether

… are extremely committed to promoting the LGBT cause inside the Catholic Church

… Every year Albano hosts the Forum of Italian LGBT Christians

… during the January 2016 Italian edition of Family Day, Semeraro openly supported the legal recognition of homosexual civil unions  [ Corriere della Sera ]

… “If divorcees want to remarry, this is even a good thing. It means that they have not lost faith in marriage. Anyway, today the Church is very attentive to the individual aspects of marriage. It is necessary to evaluate them case by case. Times have changed”  [ Nuovo Quotidiano di Puglia ]

… transgender Catholics “belong to the heart of this Church”  [ New Ways Ministry – 1 ]

… “in addition to marriage” there are “different forms of relationships”

… The U.S. website New Ways Ministry, a reference point for the Catholic-gay battle …  lists the names of eleven other members of the College of Cardinals

… the weight of the gay lobby in the next conclave will be very influential indeed. All we can do now is pray that Christ will quickly regain control of His barque



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