The Lockdown and Covid Response MUSEUM

… there has thus far been little accountability for the human right violations

… The sheer scale and planet-wide nature of the crimes needs to be recorded for posterity in various forms

… The Lockdown and Covid Response Museum is intended to be a documentation of the atrocities in the Covid-19 response

… the absurdities which were part and parcel of the atrocities

… is intended to make people, especially the next generation, think and reflect

… Most important of all, it is for them to resolve: “NEVER AGAIN.”

… is an initiative of the Universal Health Organisation (UHO), a group of epidemiologists, doctors, journalists, and other professionals

… The UHO is based in India … The target inauguration date for the museum is March 25, 2023

… the third anniversary of mass incarceration of one-sixth of humanity, i.e. India’s first lockdown

… To start, the museum will be online

… We also encourage people to set up physical museums using the material from this website, under creative commons

… For the museum, UHO invites story contributions from people around the world

… To see sample entries in the museum, and to submit your entry, please visit