“GLOBAL greening is an INDISPUTABLE fact”

… caused by recent increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide

… 55% of global land mass revealed an “accelerated rate” of vegetation growth   [ Global Ecology and Conservation ]

… only 7.3% showing increased decline or ‘browning’

… is an inconvenient fact that is often ignored in mainstream climate science

… there have even been attempts to suggest greening has slowed or reversed

… It is known that the planet has been greening since at least 1980

… “global greening is an indisputable fact”

… CO2 fertilisation dominated the LAI [ Leaf Area Index ] trends that are both rising and accelerating 

… the “drought trend” only slowed global greening

… “was far from triggering browning”

… shows that greening accelerated from 2000 in 55.5% of the globe

… Healthy growth can also be observed in the Amazon region

… in equatorial East Africa

Roy Spencer, senior scientist at NASA: “Though CO2 is necessary for life on Earth to exist, there is precious little of it in the Earth’s atmosphere.”

… there are attempts to stop CO2 entering the atmosphere

… bans on fertilisers, cuts of meat production and moves to ‘rewild’ agricultural land

… the recent small temperature bounce back from the Little Ice Age has been almost entirely beneficial

… hydrocarbon energy has enabled humans to build better protections against Mother Nature

… deaths from natural disasters have plunged by over 95% in the last 100 years

… Coral reef growth has soared of late

… Arctic sea ice appears to have started on the upward slope of a cyclical trend

… reducing CO2 back to pre-industrial levels would lead to an 18% decline in the production of many basic global foodstuffs

… Current levels of CO2 in the atmosphere are around 420 parts per million (ppm)

… there would be a 30-50% increase  in photosynthesis with CO2 in a range from 451-720ppm

… would lead to a 25% increase in crop yields

… looked in particular at barley and found an increase in yield of 54% if CO2 rose to 700ppm

…  Dr. Patrick Moore, who helped found Greenpeace in the 1970s … looks forward to the day when governments will meet to sign treaties promising to increase their carbon emissions


              Global Ecology and Conservation