“They PROMISED us EMPTY shelves in shops and massive SHORTAGES of goods”

… starting last July – our economy, nevertheless, has transited to growth

… Russia’s 2022 foreign trade surged by 8.1 percent to $850 billion

… exports by almost 20 percent

… The trade balance surplus was $332 billion

… 70 percent more than in 2021

… those who have stayed here and are really working have proved to be smarter, more vigorous and effective than those who left

… Domestic demand is growing fast

… in April, our retail growth rates will be at least 5 percent, and this is a figure in real terms

… domestic demand has entered a trajectory of sustainable, long-term growth

… It is based on our stable labour market, higher salaries and incomes of the people, and reduced inflation

… inflation here will be lower than in the Eurozone countries

… They promised us empty shelves in shops. Massive shortages of goods and the collapse of the services sector

… life took a different turn

… our harvest is much bigger than that of our neighbours in Europe

… they can hardly do without our fertilisers if they want to increase their crop yields

… domestic companies began to fill vacated market niches after the withdrawal of certain European and American companies

… that triggered rapid growth in domestic agriculture and food processing

… Now there are even more opportunities and better prospects for business development and expansion

… Russian business should not overlook them, otherwise, you never know – some of those foreign players might want to return

… we need businesses that care about staff and employees and create comfortable working conditions for them

… invest in their employees’ knowledge and skills

… take care of their families and children

… understand that family welfare is the foundation of demographic development

… We must understand that the foundation of our existence and the future of our families and our children are here