… the UN supports and champions abortion, especially under the guise of the term “sexual and reproductive health”

…  continue to be a vehicle to advance a morally reprehensible pro-abortion agenda

… continue to attack the pro-life laws and policies of sovereign Member States

… is an affront to national sovereignty, as it criticizes the laws and policies of U.S. States

… use interchangeably the terms, “abortion”, “reproductive health services”, “sexual and reproductive health services”, and “sexual and reproductive rights”

…  believe there is an international “right to abortion”

… Trump declared that the “future belongs to patriots… to sovereign and independent nations who protect their citizens, respect their neighbors, and honor the differences that make each country special and unique”

… we cannot stand by and watch the UN attempt to dictate a politicized agenda that gravely threatens the dignity of the human person and the human rights of the unborn



                  John Barsa Letter to UN Secretary General Guterres


                 Letter from the UN High Commissioner Human Rights


                UNSG Response Letter to Administrator Barsa


               U.S. Response to Allegations of State-Level Impingement of an Assumed Right to Abortion