“MASK wearing should NOT be mandated let alone ENFORCED by law”

… A systematic review of 2,168 studies on adverse medical mask effects

… The median trial duration was only 18 min

… We found significant effects in both medical surgical and N95 masks

… with a greater impact of the second

…  included decreased SpO2 and minute ventilation 

… simultaneous increased in blood-CO2, heart rate, systolic blood pressure, skin temperature

… Effects on exertion, discomfort, dyspnoea

… a robust relationship to mask wearing

… Masks interfered with O2-uptake and CO2-release

… compromised respiratory compensation

… Though evaluated wearing durations are shorter than daily/prolonged use

… outcomes independently validate mask-induced exhaustion-syndrome (MIES)

… and down-stream physio-metabolic disfunctions

… MIES can have long-term clinical consequences, especially for vulnerable groups

… So far, several mask related symptoms may have been misinterpreted as long COVID-19 symptoms

… In any case, the possible MIES contrasts with the WHO definition of health

… In the absence of strong empirical evidence of effectiveness, mask wearing should not be mandated let alone enforced by law