… Last year the “A dream called baby” fair was cancelled

… Technocrats and eugenicists try again this year

… research which transforms bodies into living laboratories

… In vitro fertilization, reproductive genetics

… egg trading, embryonic genetic selections

… a large market of desires where everything is for sale

… even girls in the practice of surrogacy

… When procreation becomes a technical operation in a laboratory, it becomes the production of the living

… selection and extraction of the raw material

… discarding of unsuitable goods

… an enthusiastic submission to the world vision of the technocrat

… managers of human livestock

… in the name of freedom of choice and the claim of a so-called “right to a child”

… will determine the end of all freedom, self-determination and of the very meaning of human being

… The surrogacy and medically assisted procreation must be criticized as such

… in a radical way because each partial criticism has paved the way for the new faces of eugenics and transhumanism

… aim to normalize the artificial reproduction of the human as the normal way of coming into the world

… a profound ontological and antropological transformation of the human being