Vatican diplomacy, the inconvenient truth


… Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has decided to have a second go: by releasing a lengthy open letter on the website LifeSiteNews

… dossier on the Vatican Secretariat of State’s second in command, Venezuelan Archbishop Edgar Peña Parra

… Viganò’s accusations against Peña Parra, involving homosexuality, sexual abuse, and corruption

… were nonetheless largely ignored by major media outlets and, in particular, by the Holy See

… directly implicates both the Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin and Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga

… who ought to work to heal the disastrous mismanagement and intrigues of Becciu and others, in fact, is just as much if not even more subject to blackmail than his predecessor

… is in fact surrounded by corrupt and immoral people, promoting them and covering up investigations that concern them

… because of allegations of corruption and sexual abuse cover-up in his own archdiocese

… we have already commented how it is an attempt to paper over the cracks

… but above all it challenges the lie that any approval of legal recognition of homosexual civil unions would not affect the Church’s magisterium

… Yet, one thing which is in itself embarrassing and becomes dramatic is when we consider that, at stake, are the very principles of faith (in the case of gay civil unions) and the meaning of witness and martyrdom (in the case of the Chinese Church)



                  Open letter


                  Life Site News 07-03-2019


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