Vatican uses pro-abortion terminology ‘pro-choice’ for first time

… the Vatican has succumbed to a common practice among abortion advocates

…  used the terminology in a May 7 letter to Archbishop José H. Gomez

… policy on the distribution of Holy Communion to politicians who support abortion

… “pro-choice politicians”

… “pro-choice legislation”

… “pro-choice position.”the term “pro-choice” was the “greatest marketing triumphs of the abortion movement.”

… surrender the language is worse than a tactical defeat

… “For the two billion-plus babies murdered in the ‘silent holocaust’ of abortion, this was ‘no-choice.’ ”



          May 7 letter


          Procured abortion – 1974


          Catholics in political life – 2002


          Evangelium Vitae – 1995


          Ratzinger’s letter – 2004