BEWARE: 100% green energy could DESTROY the planet

The untold story about “green energy” is that it can’t possibly be scaled up

… would be economically catastrophic and cost tens of millions of jobs

… But we also have to ask whether green energy is even good for the environment

… a little-noticed study by the World Bank showing that moving toward 100% solar, wind, and electric

… would be “just as destructive to the planet as fossil fuels.”

… a story in Foreign Policy magazine

… “not to mention the extraction of minerals and metals at great environmental and social costs.”

… Those tens of millions of windmills, solar panels, and electric batteries for cars and trucks aren’t exactly biodegradable

… toxic pollutants that will be 100 times larger than any nuclear waste storage

… And yet … is worried about plastic straws!

… wind and solar aren’t so green after all

… Manhattan lit up at night would require paving over nearly the whole state of Connecticut with windmills and solar farms


                      World Bank