DEATHS in Pfizer trial NOT fully investigated: WHY?

… Three participants in the Pfizer Covid vaccine trial died shortly after vaccination

… The revelations come in a report from Pfizer released on July 1st by court order

… 56-year-old woman known as subject #10071101

… two doses of the vaccine on July 30th and August 20th 2020 … died from a cardiac arrest two months later

… “In the opinion of the investigator, there was no reasonable possibility that the cardiac arrest was related

… as the death occurred two months after receiving Dose 2

… Pfizer concurred

… 60 year-old man known as subject #11621327

… died three days after his first dose of vaccine

… the investigator deemed there to be “no reasonable possibility” of a link with the vaccine

… seeing that it happened three days after the injection and “autopsy results were not available at the time”

… 72 year-old man known as subject #11521497

… first vaccine dose on October 7th and 19 days later … admitted to hospital because “he fainted in the middle of the night”

… 16 days later he died

… The investigator claimed there was “no reasonable possibility that the syncope was related

… cause of death was reported as “unknown” and neither the investigator nor Pfizer attempted to investigate

… 71-year-old woman known as subject #11421247

… developed severe ventricular arrhythmias in the evening following her second dose

… The trial investigator: “there was reasonable possibility that the ventricular arrhythmia was related”

… Pfizer: “not enough evidence to establish causal relationship”

… 48 year-old woman known as subject #11781107

… developed lymphadenopathy with “at least four enlarged lymph nodes” after receiving her first dose

… she withdrew owing to the adverse event

… The hospital oncologist stated the vaccine was the “most likely etiology [cause] for her lymphadenopathy”

… the trial investigator said “there was a reasonable possibility that the lymphadenopathy was related”

… once again, “Pfizer did not concur”

… evidence that adverse events in the trials were not fully or properly investigated and recorded


                Pfizer report on July 1st, 2022