In Glasgow Francis Will Be a No-Show. In His Place Will Be Greta

… Francis will not be there. He has removed the trip from his schedule

… why not include Greta Thunberg in the Vatican delegation?

… Why not give none other than her the pope’s seat?

… one would therefore think that Francis is the bearer of the religious prophecy

… But he’s not

… the pope took part in a meeting at the Vatican between religious figures and scientists … in preparation for the conference in Glasgow

… culminated in a solemn appeal for the safekeeping of nature

… the word “God” does not appear even once

… Nor do the words “creator,” “created,” “creature.”

… Nature is defined as “a life-giving force.”

… Francis and other religious leaders asserts that “there might be only one decade left to restore the planet.”

… Since this is how things are, the idea of ​​sending Greta to Glasgow in the place of Pope Francis is by no means far-fetched


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