… “the vaccine stays in the arm”

… “harmless Spike protein is only produced for a couple of days.”

… were sure of that, despite no data to confirm their statements

… sadly, it turns out that they lied to us. The data is now in    [ Proteomics Clinical Applications ]

… to detect a specific amino-acid sequence that exists only in the vaccine-induced Spike protein

… decided to look for that specific, genetically modified protein component

… Mass spectrometry examination of biological samples was used … in subjects who received mRNA-basedvaccines

… 20 were vaccinated with the full cycle of mRNA vaccine as of April 2022

… 20 were unvaccinated with negativity for COVID-19 to nasopharyngeal test and with no titer of any antibodies

… 20 unvaccinated persons were added that were positive for COVID-19

… only the people in the vaccinated subgroup were found to carry vaccine-derived Spike protein

… vaccine Spike protein was found as late as six months after the last dose!

… The specific PP-Spike fragment was found in 50% of the biological sample analyzed

… This presence was independent of the SARS-CoV-2 IgG antibody titer

… controls (samples from unvaccinated individuals) were negative

… The control group … was also tested after contracting COVID-19 and was negative for PP-Spike

… Nowhere does the study state that Spike protein production ends after 187 days

… the upper limit on time after vaccination was an artifact of the study design

… Gli autori spiegano il probabile meccanismo della produzione persistente di proteine Spike

… “It is possible that the mRNA may be integrated or re-transcribed in some cells.”

… The so-called reverse transcription, that is, vaccine mRNA becoming part of the human DNA genome in some affected cells

… dismissed without evidence by the so-called “COVID science,” until it was demonstrated in in-vitro experiments

… a disturbing possibility exists that COVID Spike protein production never ends

… the HIV virus, which causes AIDS, also reverse transcribes and integrates itself into human DNA

… so that the sufferers’ reprogrammed cells endlessly produce copies of HIV

… This is why HIV cannot be cured, only suppressed by drugs

… The so-called immune tolerance, which is a tendency of the organism to ignore persistent pathogens instead of offering a vigorous immune reaction

… may be why vaccinated people are more susceptible to frequent repeat infections and slower virus clearance

… Immune tolerance is perfectly acceptable for allergens, irritants that do not replicate and exist persistently

… Ignoring allergens, instead of suffering from annoying hay fever

… immune tolerance is a good response to such environmental irritants as pollen or dust

… immune tolerance is deadly when it comes to resisting live, replicating pathogens!

… The study shows us the mechanism of why immune tolerance to Spike protein develops

Spike protein, produced without end, looks like an “environmental irritant” to the vaccinated organism instead of being seen as a dangerous intruder

… Sadly, COVID vaccines do not come with the OFF switch, and there is no way to stop this persistent Spike protein production

… the study found only HALF of vaccinated people suffering from the continuous presence of vaccine spike protein in their blood

… The other half, fortunately, is fine. Therefore, all vaccinated people have hope that they are not the individuals suffering from this continuous spike production


                    Proteomics Clinical Applications