“SPIKEOPATHY” from BOTH Virus and Vaccine mRNA

… The production of ‘safe and effective’ vaccines was a key public health target

… Sadly, unprecedented high rates of adverse events

… This two-part narrative review presents evidence for the widespread harms of novel product COVID-19 mRNA and adenovectorDNA vaccines

… explores peer-reviewed data counter to the ‘safe and effective’ narrative attached to these new technologies

… Spike protein pathogenicity, termed ‘spikeopathy’

… whether from the SARS-CoV-2 virus or produced by vaccine gene codes

… akin to a ‘synthetic virus’

… Pharmacokinetic transfection through body tissues distant from the injection site by lipid-nanoparticles or viral-vector carriers

… means that ‘spikeopathy’ can affect many organs

… The inflammatory properties of the nanoparticles used to ferry mRNA

… N1-methylpseudouridine employed to prolong synthetic mRNA function;

… the widespread biodistribution of the mRNA and DNA codes and translated spike proteins

… autoimmunity via human production of foreign proteins

… contribute to harmful effects

… This paper reviews autoimmune, cardiovascular, neurological

… potential oncological effects

… and autopsy evidence for spikeopathy

… The whole premise of gene-based vaccines producing foreign antigens in human tissues is fraught with risks

… clinicians in all fields of Medicine need to be mindful of the varied possible presentations of COVID-19 vaccine-related illness

… both acute and chronic

… the worsening of pre-existing conditions

… We also advocate for the suspension of gene-based COVID-19 vaccines

… and lipid-nanoparticle carrier matrices

… and other vaccines based on mRNA or viral-vectorDNA technology