… Portugal is the most vaccinated large country in Europe

… as of May 17 … the highest COVID case rate in Europe and the second highest in the world behind Taiwan

… again we are seeing the most vaccinated countries having their worst death curves

… Iceland, for example, is by far the current leader in COVID deaths

… why is the country experiencing all its deaths now, after everyone is boosted and for a milder variant?

… Until early January 2022, Iceland recorded just 39 COVID deaths

… same dynamic in Finland, Taiwan, Australia, and New Zealand – all countries that were barely affected by the pandemic

… until everyone was triple-jabbed

… U.S. … The top 10 vaccinated states … are all in the northeast

… the highest hospitalization rates (including D.C.) are all in the northeast

… they never reset to baseline like we saw in most countries in the first year of the pandemic

… runs counter to the rules of herd immunity

… hypothesizes that this is due to the shots preventing immunity

… non-sterilizing vaccine, non-neutralizing antibodies that provoke tremendous selection pressure and the emergence of infectious variants

… boosters for the original variant could block antibodies for the current variant

… original antigenic sin, which overloads and shuts down your system’s ability to respond to the proper variant

… more it fails the immune system, the more it engenders a need for more boosters, which are approved with enthusiasm

… Who says crime doesn’t pay?