… making moves that propped up the Hamas terror group

… The idea was to prevent Abbas … from advancing toward the establishment of a Palestinian state

… Hamas was upgraded from a mere terror group to an organization with which Israel held indirect negotiations via Egypt

… that was allowed to receive infusions of cash from abroad

… Hamas was also included in discussions about increasing the number of work permits Israel granted to Gazan laborers

… permits, which allow Gazan laborers to earn higher salaries than they would in the enclave

… Toward the end of Netanyahu’s fifth government in 2021, approximately 2,000-3,000 work permits

… Since Netanyahu returned to power in January 2023, the number of work permits has soared to nearly 20,000

… since 2014, Netanyahu-led governments have practically turned a blind eye to the incendiary balloons and rocket fire from Gaza

… has allowed suitcases holding millions in Qatari cash to enter Gaza through its crossings since 2018

… Israeli policy was to treat the Palestinian Authority as a burden and Hamas as an asset

… maintaining the separation between the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and Hamas in Gaza would prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state

… While Netanyahu does not make these kind of statements publicly or officially

… Bolstered by this policy, Hamas grew stronger and stronger